April 19, 2018

About Us

We, STAR Dresden, are a young and ambitious student association at the TU Dresden, with the vision of establishing a permanent group focussed on the theme of spaceflight.

The idea for STAR grew out of a bid for REXUS 2017. Our goal is to build up structures that will make it easier for us and future generations of students to take part in similar projects. STAR was founded in early 2018.

Through participation in EUSPEC 2018, our first project as a group, we were confronted with great challenges and were able to learn much for the future.

Alongside taking part in design and building competitions, we have ideas for organising our own competitions and events. Furthermore, we see the establishment of an interdisciplinary community for space-enthused students at the TU Dresden as a core element of our group. At the same time we place particular value on flat hierarchies and a familiar atmosphere.

Of course having fun during projects is no less important, maybe with an evening in the pub now and then or the odd beer from the workshop fridge. After all, we are all students who want to get involved with spaceflight in our free time!


Visit us on Twitter for the most up-to-date info: @STAR_Dresden

Get involved

If you are interested in joining in, or just coming by for a look, there are several options:

  • Send us an email at: star@mailbox.tu-dresden.de
  • Come to one of our biweekly gatherings on Tuesday at 19:00 (uneven calendar weeks)
  • Talk to one of our members, if you happen to come across one of us
  • Come to one of our information events (usually at the beginning of the semester)

We have no complicated application process, and whoever wants to get involved can come by and have a look. Previous experience in a certain area is a plus, but by no means a requirement. Ultimately, STAR exists for us to try things out and learn more.

And if you can't find time for a specific date, we should be able to find another possibility to meet, for example, over lunch in the canteen.


Internal positions:

President: Rico Nerger
Vice-President: Nils Hensch
Schatzmeister: Arno Gerhardt

IT/Internetauftritt: Elias Ortlieb


Statutes STAR Dresden (in German, obsolete)

Minutes of inaugural meeting (in German, obsolete)

Minutes of general assembly autumn 18/19 (in German)

The signed original copies of the documents uploaded here are available for examination.


Owner: Arno Gerhardt
IBAN: DE05 8505 0300 1227 0065 58

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